Why You May Want A Mobile Converter To Do It All

Believe it or not, converting your website to a mobile design is becoming much easier to do now than it was in the past. Yes, a content management system is one way you can implement new codes, new templates, and change out website applications without having to go through a middle man, and the overhaul may take a shorter time. But it still can require a large amount of manual tweaking on your part. But if you have a website that has a good structure overall, but just needs to become more viewable in mobile format you can use mobile converters that do the restructuring for you and deliver top-of-the-line mobile updated pages.

So Just What Can You Expect From These Mobile Converters?

Most mobile website converters come with both free plans and premium plans, and while the free plans make a website look mobile-friendly, you may have to pay to remove a watermark or other limiting feature. For most of these converters, all you need to do is simply install their applets on your website, or input the codes from your site’s RSS feeds or input the converter’s script into your website’s index page. In most cases, your original website will remain intact while a copy is regenerated to redirect mobile users to the mobile version.

  • MobilePress: WordPress Mobile Site Platform

Just like WordPress’s CMS, the site also has a mobile website plugin which can duplicate your current content onto a mobile page for all mobile devices. The plugin is free and downloadable in a zip file, in which you can extract its contents into your WordPress content editor folder. Using this tool is easy, so if you manage all your content through WordPress, this tool is a must to own.

  • MoFuse

While perhaps a little more for those who want a mobile website built from complete scratch, this mobile site builder does have its own unique builder interface system that can help you get your own mobile pages up within minutes. If you want to outsource the mobile conversion to their team of experts, you can do that too and they’ll get you the website you want for a price. Be aware though that some of their prices are a little more than other converters.

  • Wirenode

Wirenode is a great website converter that functions much like a CMS, but is perhaps a little more like Google’s blogger in the way it works. It’s easy to convert and revamp website pages, and the software comes with its own tutorials on converting your web pages. Like MoFuse, you do have the option to have Wirenode web design specialists take over the design of your mobile site, but because the interface is so simplistic that probably won’t be necessary. The plans to use this converter are fairly cheap and come complete with all the tools you would need to migrate to mobile.