Why It Is Time To Mobilize Your Website

Whether you’re ready or not, the mobile age of web surfing is here, and with that you’re going to want to make your website mobile friendly. So what exactly does that entail? Well if you’ve ever seen mobile devices accessing a website, you’ll notice the layout is more visual-oriented and comes with scalable backgrounds, and overall the design tends to be more simplistic for mobile platform users. Yet when it comes to tailoring current websites to fit mobile platforms, many small business or personal websites are still behind the curve.

One reason users may be reluctant to switch their websites to be mobile friendly is perhaps they’re unfamiliar with certain mobile website coding languages, and they may think doing so will require too much of an overhaul on their current website. While there will be some tweaking that needs to be done, the recoding process is not as cumbersome as it appear. But it’s also worth the time and effort to make a website mobile-friendly for a couple reasons.

1. Mobile Devices Are Now Becoming The Most Widely-Used Devices

Smartphones and tablets are the hot toys right now. For millennials, to not be the odd man out you have to own and use one. But on top of that, tablets and smartphones can also cost less in many cases, and are so much easier to carry around that it only stands to reason their sales are growing. As a result, you’ll want to make your website mobile-friendly so you don’t alienate a lot of users from being able to browse it. And alienating users will mean less business and being surpassed by competitors who have taken their websites mobile.

2. Mobile Websites Are Necessary to Stay High In Search Engine Rankings

Both Google and Bing are starting to rank websites now on the basis of how they fit in with various mobile platforms. It’s not enough now to just have keywords matching SEO rankings to get ahead, how your website appears in mobile formats could make a difference between showing up on the front page of Bing or Google, or getting pushed back to page 3, and if the latter happens, you’re bound to lose a lot of customers as a result. In brief, make sure to integrate your mobile optimization strategy with SEO. Learn about high-quality SEO services and Facebook marketing Phoenix .

3. Click-To-Call Is A Big Part Of The Mobile Browsing Experience

For many mobile users, when they’re doing a search for something important on their device, they like to push a click-to-call button that shows up on Google or Bing. Or better yet, they may do so when they’re on your website. So by making your website mobile-friendly, you can increase your leads through calls capabilities and even track those calls through your AdWords or other marketing service you use.